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fifth. don't forget, go to gretawire. have -- >> demand it! [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. first of all, we have the stimulus bill, 407 pages, all kinds of stuff in this beauty. then, the house healthcare bill, 1,990 pages. next, 2,074 pages the senate is about to pass this baby on saturday. are we going to be ruled by this? because this is going to change your life. you have no concept. by the end of the hour, you will. are we going to be ruled by this, or ruled by this, the u.s. constitution? 17 pages. 17 pages when we printed it out, and when it was originally written, it took four sheets of paper and it has provided freedom for 233 years for millions of
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americans, and been copyied all over the world. do you think anybody is going could to be copying that and does this bring us more freedom than the constitution? you decide this hour. you know what kills me -- hello, america! the people in congress, they are sworn to protect and defend this. they write this. they have never read these and i guarantee you they have nerve are read this either. maybe they should, because this is not in this. nowhere in the constitution can you find any of this. what's in this legislation? the end of america as you know it, i believe. this is redistribution of
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wealth. we have been told this for a while. i mean, look, this is the case we have been laying out for a while and here it is. this is it! barack obama has told us he is a believer in the concept of the redistribution of wealth during the campaign, but nobody listened. >> it's not that i want to punish you but i want everyone that is behind you has the chance for success. when you spread the wealth around, it's good for us. glenn: show me where that is good because it has never worked anywhere in the world. he says they're not marxist, but they are looking for something bigger. bigger than this? according to the c.b.o. director, douglas elm dove, "i concluded that the fiscal policy is on an unsustainable path that cannot be solved by minor tinkering." i'm going to blow your mind by the end of the hour. it cannot be solved. it is unsustainable. this is going to make things
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much, much worse. well, he just said it couldn't be solved by minor tinkering. well, it is not minor tinkering coming your way. this is a massive change. remember, none of the people that are advising the president or helping write these bills -- i can't think of anybody that might be helping writing this bill -- those people are not advocating small little changes. no, no, no, this is not tweaking that they are building here. we are talking about massive sweeping change. americans showed up by the hundreds of thousands at various tea parties to demand the opposite of this. stop spending money! but look at these bills. look at this. this is a fundamental transformation of america. pages. thousands of pages. not minor tinkering here. massive changes to the way you live your life. the senate plans to pass this mess before christmas. saturday is a key date. if it passes this first
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threshold with 60 votes, if it passes that, it will pass the senate. the time is now to stand up. we're at a tipping point, and in the balance, this or this? the decision is being made. are you are even in the game look, i don't want to believe it, but a year ago i said all of this stuff must be crazy. i no longer believe that anymore. i don't want to believe the things i believe about the things that are happening in washington, that we have a president that has surrounded himself with not free market system lovers. these are people that don't want to increase america's prosperity. they are sprending us into oblivion for their own purposes and we will show you this tonight. we showed america the admiration the white house communications director has for mao tse-tung. oh, yeah, he's a great guy. that's anita, anita dunn. she says this is one of the people she turns to most.
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>> mao tse-tung and mother teresa, not often couple the with each other, but the two people that i turn to most. glenn: the response from media outlets everywhere else, nothing. they don't have a problem with that. they should read about mao tse-tung. they keep reporting her continued attacks which she renewed over the weekend, her attacks on fox. even as she heads out the door, they don't really care. then there is the manufacturing czar, ron bloom who said this -- >> we know that the free market is nonsense. we agree with mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun. glenn: we told you that internet susan crawford, member of the international socialist group. she, of course, is a huge advocate of the so-called net neutrality movement. we have told you on this program that is a movement spearheaded by the marxist free press organization. look it up!
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then there is the lovely and talented f.c.c. diversity czar, mark lloyd, not a fan of free speech, but he is a huge fan of the socialist marxist revolution in venezuela. >> in venezuela, chavez has done an incredible revolution. glenn: he goes on to say how important that was, and don't forget science and technology czar, john holdren who has discussed wealth redistribution. >> it is way of growth of material consumption, you have to come down and have to be a degree of redistribution of how much we consume, in terms of energy and material resources, in order to leave room for people who are poor to become more prosperous." glenn: america, i want you to understand, what these bills are about here, this healthcare stuff, what this is about, this is about redistribution of wealth here
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in america. that's what this is about. this will take money from the poor t will take good healthcare and destroy it and it will suck nationwide. it is also about destroying businesses, and any kind of wealth in this country, but what john holdren is suggesting is global re distribution of wealth. we take the wealth of america, and we spread it out all around the world. now you're not just talking about confiscating a few bucks from bill gates and warren buffetts to get some lazy slob who refuses to get off the couch and get a job, no, no, now you're talking about taking -- because remember, the poorest in america, still one of the richest in the world. we're now talking about spreading america's wale to nations that don't have any wealth at all. that affects every american. science czar john holdren isn't the only one talking about this. here is another key, the guy who helped design this, in fact, the guy that president obama says "i turn to when i want to talk about healthcare,
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i turn to andy stern, the guy who helped design this from seiu." he is also a big fan of this. he is the top guest at obama's white house. he is a huge fan of spreading america's wealth and reciting communist slogans. here is a comment of what stern believes, who practically lives at the white house -- >> how is everyone going to share in the wealth? workers of the world unite. it is not just a slogan. it is a way we have to do our work. i got in trouble with saying it is a way we need to do our work. that's what's coming. global marxism, redistribution of wealth. he has visited obama at the white house 22 dimes that we know -- 22 times that we know of, presumably to advise the president on important issues including healthcare. he has repeated over and over his conviction that there must be wealth redistribution, not only that, we now have startling new audio from him that we're working with
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breitbart t.v. and will bring that to you next week. wait until you hear this. one of the things that andy stern, however, has said is that he knows that there are undocumented workers who are members of his union. he knows that he has illegal aliens at seiu, not only from latin america but from all over the world. here in america. he knows he is breaking the law. now, gosh, why would you -- what's going on here? what's going on here? stern has already been driving down wages to bring us in line with the rest of the world. that's what they have to do -- no matter what they tell you you -- drive down our standard of living. he has already increased his membership around the world, which makes him less loyal to the united states and workers of the world. he is working on adding millions of members to his union rolls, abroad, not here. he could care less where they come from, how they got here to america, what the motives
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are, what the goals are or how it helps or hurts america. workers of the word world unite. andy stern is in this for andy stern. i want you to take a second to think about this logically, will you? what was the problem with g.m.? was it the product? i don't think so. i used to own all g.m. cars. they're great cars, great cars. the problem was is really bad management that had also coupled with really bad labor union agreements. they couldn't afford to make a car here in america. you know this to be true. why? because our union, our labor was so expensive. we were paying hundreds of thousands of people at g.m. who didn't even work for g.m. it got to the point where it was so expensive to build cars here in america they couldn't make it work anymore. they still can't, so what did they do? they began to outsource their jobs. yes, but we're the great thinkers, we will just be the managers. uh-huh. how is that working out for you? now the unions are saying we
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need to globalize but we have to spread our he wealth around. let's, please, do some math here. there are 3 billion people on planet earth that make less than 2.50 a day. het me ask you a simple question -- which is more likely, that we will be able to unionize the planet and bring the world up from our standard, going from 75 cents to a buck a day, to making over $300 a day? or, is it more likely when we look at this globally, that there is only really one expensive country with a very high standard of living that will be brought down to be more in line with everybody else? i mean, if everybody else starts to make $10 a day, they thrill! meanwhile, you will thrill even if you have the highest standard of living at making $20 a day. you might think, ok, maybe
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andy stern has ulterior motives, sure, sure. he has been at the white house more than anybody else on earth but that doesn't mean that he and president obama are on the same page. really? >> i'll spend my entire adult life working with seiu. i'm not a newcomer to this! glenn: they are on the same page. obama is trying to overwhelm the system right now with massive new government takeover programs. look at these bills. this is just for healthcare. stimulus. this is insanity. we have cap and trade bill that's coming soon. on top of that, we also have to get ready because they're going to jam the amnesty down our throats. again, wait a minute, why would we jam down amnesty down our throats? oh, andy stern! why, in the middle of a heated healthcare reform, cap and trade would you also try immigration, too? that's nuts! or is it? is there a method to their madness? could they be looking at the
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20 million illegal aliens who suddenly are going to be made u.s. citizens as new american taxpayers who can help lift the burden and foot the bill for the rest of this insane plan? it will drive down wages, drive up tax revenues with tens of millions of tax filers. that's what they'll say. look, obama is insisting on all of this, all at once. his entire transformation of america package, all within 12 months of his administration. everything has to happennite now or we're doomed to be standing against gunfire. he can't even make a decision what to do for our troops in afghanistan. with a request from his general, i bet it's not this big! i bet it's not! it has been sitting on his desk since august. we are talking here, about the end of our way of life. this is it, the healthcare bill. remember, this is the
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constitution. this is not some crazy wild conspiracy tale. they already control our banks. they can't find that in the constitution. they control the auto industry. now, where in the constitution is that? they now will have the ability to control the temperature inside of your home with the passage of a new cap and trade. they're trying to take control of 1/6 of the economy, 1/6 of the healthcare. they're talking about taking over the internet in the name of neutrality. who asked them to? where is the problem there? people have never had more freedom to express themselves than now. they are moving at the speed of light and we have to get up off of our couches and get into their offices. you must call your senator. you must get there!
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you must, america, you must make a choice. this, or this?
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>> this week, we are talking about different states that have been facing financial disaster. next year, the word of the week will be unsustainable. yesterday i told you about the pew center's studies on the states, and there were six different factors that led california to financial ruin, and what do the rest of the states look like. all 50 states were compared, and they showed the ten states in the most trouble. notice new york is not in the top ten, but let me tell you something, if you live or do business in new york, that's probably a surprise because didn't the governor just say we would be boke by the end of the year? so, let's take a look at new york and their financial problems. here are some of the stats from recent news or thes. first of all, new york has lost 236,000 jobs lost last year.
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unemployment rate went from 5.8 to almost 9%. when that happens, what happens to income tax? it goes down. why? because people don't have jobs and they can't collect income tax and can't pay it. so we dropped 21%, almost 4.8 billion dollars, and now in new york, the deficit may be as high as 4.1 billion for the year ending next march, and the current spending plans could lead to a budget gap of almost $30 billion by 2012. what would you do if this was your state, this is your home, what would you do? you'd cut spending,ite? you'd stop spending so much money. no, no, no, no. check this out. new york spends more money than any other state on medicaid, twice the national average per capita. why is that? i'll tell you why, because i'm a small businessman in new york. it's impossible, impossible to
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be able to have competitive insurance here in new york. why, because the state regulates it. the state blocks everybody else out. oh, yeah, thanks a lot for that. that is really making us healthy. it is small business that says i can't afford it and so they push you into the state aid, exactly like the progressives would like it. new york spends more on school aid per student than any other state and now, governor paterson has just called for spending cuts on education and med caitd, but, no, no, no, you can't do that, not in new york, not when you is politicians like the chairman of the state senate finance committee, named carl krueger. this guy is a black-hatted villain. he says he's going to block cuts to healthcare and education. gee, he must lovesick people and children, right? let's turn to the tenth page of "the new york times", question, "the new york times," and they white governor paterson is imploring the legislate to legislature to
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finally wreck rn with the state's ugly financial reality, but first the governor must are reckon with the likes of senator carl krueger, mr. krueger, a brooklyn democrat who is the chairman of the senate finance committee who has am amass add campaign war chest of $2.1 million in part because of generous contributions from his labor union allies. " what else did "the new york times" say about it? the seiu and its healthcare industry allies do not shrink from aggressively attacking governors. they unleak leashed a blistering set of ads against mr. paterson last year blaming him for hurting vulnerable people with his budget reductions." i saw the ads. lies. just to make sure he gets the message and you get the message, last week seiu held a rally of 2,000 people that they bust into the state -- that they bussed into the state capitol protesting anything whatsoever. you can't cut things if you're home, no. today seiu is attacking the
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chamber of commerce, small businesses for opposing a mandatory paid sick leave. guess what, gang? something has to give. you cannot continue to take. these people are incredibly stupid, or they are criminal on what they're doing to our country. no matter what the unions say, no matter what politicians say, no matter what your dad said if he ever said this, you cannot have it all. i don't know a dad that ever told their children that. you can't. you cannot have it all. this situation is unsustainable. it is not just individual states. i want to show you the overall country. ready? let's look at national debt. here comes the national debt clock. isn't this fabulous. it just turned to $12 trillion. fantastic, according to new projections, the national debt is expected to double in ten short years, and so can you change this, please? this doesn't even include all of the costs of the union sersal healthcare, you remember the healthcare bill i
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just showed you? this is part of something entirely different. the national debt, flip to the next card, please, with the national debt. i don't know who came up with these zany numbers, oh, right here, the office of management and budget. hmm. that's who came up with these crazy ideas. in fact, they're so crazy, they're so zany, that you can find these right on the house internet, white house internet site, as you can see, here we are at $12.2 trillion. next year, they are projecting $14 trillion, $15 trillion, $18 trillion by 2014, but it gets even better. now how much would you pay? 2015, 19.7 trillion, and in 2019, $24.5 trillion is our national debt and it does not include any new program including the healthcare plan.
2:25 am
america, please don't make this about politics. maybe this about common sense. if george bush would have told new 2000, you know what i'm going to do, i'm going to double our national debt and take out $6 trillion by 2008, would you have voted for him? if he said he was going to add $6 trillion and he would say well, i will give you universal healthcare and it won't be included in those numbers. you would never do it. this government is projecting $24.5 trillion debt, and healthcare, and everything else. we cannot pay for it. let me show you what they're doing to the entire world. these numbers -- this is the u.s., and this is the e.u. and the u.k. italy, france, spain and germany. the blue is everything that they have promised everybody. it is their debt and unfunded
2:26 am
liabilities, healthcare and their version of medicare and medicaid, things like that. that's the blue. this is their g.d.p., how much money they make every year. this is what they owe. this is 500% of their g.d. p. it is unsustain aivel. demand, demand -- we are looking at the end of our country. it is only a matter of time. we are looking at the end of the western world, and i believe there are those who wouldn't mind seeing that go bye-bye. are you one of them? because i have to tell you something, the time to make a choice is right now! history is being made. are you for this or are you for some common sense? stop spending! return to the constitution. cut spending. no more bills, at all.
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by the way, we spend about 12 hours just looking at the healthcare. the bill that is out, 2,000 pages, just a few taxes in it. it will blow your mind. next. air in your home can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. smoke, germs, viruses, allergens, pet dander, even smelly and potentially harmful voc compounds can actually be floating in the air you're breathing! but now you can clean that air with the incredible oreck xl professional air purifier, and bring fresher, cleaner air into your home. call now for no interest and no payments for one-year! the secret to oreck's effectiveness is its patented truman cell filter. only oreck has it. the oreck air purifier constantly moves the air in the room through its powerful six-stage filtration system. its electrostatic plates capture many impurities such as dust, allergens, bacteria - even viruses -- then puts clean air back in the room. with hepa filters, you could easily spend
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now back to glenn. america, we are at a turning point -- we are at a tipping point. you have to make a choice. which one of these would you rather have ruling your life f you don't believe in personal responsibility and want progressives and the government to decide everything for you, then you're probably for one of these 2,000-page bills that nobody has read, it doesn't make sense. if you're for responsibility you're in my dwindling group of people that think the
2:33 am
founders had a good idea when they created this document, a document that talks about really a few rights but really is just more of restrictions on what the government can do. not once does it mention healthcare, because it's not a right. i can't find it in here at all. this document that is our constitution stops these documents from actually going, but if you want to bring this document up and, you know, point that out, that you're going to be mocked for pointing that out. standing up against the reform, these are reforms no., you are told to shut up and grab a mob. imagine that. politicians who swear an oath to protect this, ridicule those who are actually protecting this. you're practically not even considered an american if you stand up against this bill, but here's the latest -- you're not considered black if you abide by the constitution on healthcare. this is according to jesse jackson. quote "you can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a
2:34 am
black man." wow! what a statement. what happened to the whole content of character thing? hmm. so now is it ace that is supposed to juchts all think alike? now, vote for obama care or you're not black. well, if i may, let me do what dr. king wanted people to do, to address all americans, i don't care what group you're in. have you ever heard anyone in the media talking about the taxes that come to all americans with this $849 billion bill? yeah, maybe on this network. most networks, all i hear is it is deficit neutral. it is going to be paid for with savings. savings, really? so much savings, why don't you make those savings right now. why don't you go after those people who are corrupt? let's get those savings. we need it right now. i just showed you the debt. here is what politicians consider savings spending
2:35 am
about a trillion of your money and reaching back into your pocket a little more than a trillion more times. that's savings. take a look at taxes that are in this bill. this is the one that the senate is going to try to say we want to just discuss this on saturday. that's all we're voting for. if that passes, to discuss this bill, mark my words, it will pass the senate. it is a game. these people are liars. here is some of the taxes. we have first, individual mandate tax. that's an income surtax. then the employer mandate tax. by the way, these are just a few that we found, just found a couple of them in the 12 hours since we saw it, a 40% tax on cadillac healthcare plans, medicine cabinet tax. h.s.a. withdrawl tax hike, excise tax. this is on children's hospitals. fantastic. tax on innovator drug companies. people coming up with new ideas, going to tax those guys. tax on medical device
2:36 am
manufacturers, those pesky pacemakers, man, we got to screw those companies. how about a tax on health insurers? eliminates tax deduction for employer provided retirement drug coverage. you don't want your employer doing that. you should tax those employers. please, that's the government's job. raises haircuts for for medical itemsized deductions. aarp, though, is your friend. blue cross/blue shield tax hike, tax on cosmetic medical procedures. these are just a few that he we found. can i ask you a question? in a recession, how does this help? how does this help? we're in a crisis. why would any sane person do this? they wouldn't do it. i have talked to you about
2:37 am
cloward and piven. have you looked them up yet? please do. they are radicals that talked about the claptsing the system that. is what is going on here. put these taxes together with what i showed you on the desk, what i showed you around the globe, piece that together with the idea that acorn ask now global, and seiu is now global. if there is a better explanation, i'd love to hear it. i would. none of this makes sense. i don't want to believe these things, but it doesn't make sense even if you think about it from a politician's point of view. think, think of this, please. all of the benefits of this bill don't kick in until when? you don't get a single benefit until 2014. but the taxes that we just went over, when do they start? hmm. wait a minute. so i'm not going to get any benefit, but i'm going to pay all of those taxes. we're taxing the american public ten years in order to pay for five years of coverage. well, first of all, once the
2:38 am
coverage starts, you're never going to be able to afford it. did somebody invent a garbage powered delore yen that can time travel because i'm not aware of t you can't keep taxing ten years for taxes an only pay five years. the space time continuum doesn't work that way. what politician would stand at the podium and say i know we're in a recession, unemployment, duj digits and climbing, deficit $12 trillion and we will be $24. 5 according to in ten years but i'm going to add all these taxes here, and guess what, you won't get jack for five whole years. anybody who taxes you with all of this stuff, this much, and the economy continues to go down, our deficits continue to go up, how does that politician get re-elected?
2:39 am
something is very, very wrong, so what do you do? well, there are politicians that are on the fence, but call them, please, only call them if you live in their district. they don't care if you call them from someplace in the country r these 2,000 pages will destroy america once they have healthcare, they will regulate every aspect of your life, and it just goes on from there. everything can be spun into a health issue. oh, carbon emissions, oh, a health issue, guns, a health issue, doritos, everything. once they have 60 votes on saturday, and they're going to do it and i'm not one for squashing debate, but i don't debate with people who are dishonest. they will only need 51 votes to pass this disaster. they're all going to say, oh, glenn, harry reid wouldn't do that nuclear option, the 51 thing. oh, yes he will! if you think these clowns care about the rules, remember, rules for radicals, if you
2:40 am
think they care about the constitution, i got some land to sell on the moon. i'll show you why -- america, let me ask you this one question -- do you trust these people in washington? with your children? would you send them to be an intern? your daughter, would you send her to be an intern? do you trust them with the lives of your children that are now currently in afghanistan or iran? why would you trust them with our entire future? i'm going to show you the kind of dirtbags you are up against, next.
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glenn: on saturday there is a vote to debate this bill. they're going to say, hey, this is just a debate. this doesn't make any difference and going to try to convince you and good people in the senate that, no, no, you have to let debate go through and we'll not play any tricks. you can trust them? let me show you the kind of
2:45 am
people, the decent people that we have elected. watch this. our democracy is being stolen. our constitution is in gave danger. our leaders are bamboozling us. some of them will never leave. unless, we make them. term limits. why do we need them? congressman john in murtha, a case study. >> what you are about to see is very, very disturbing. >> clause one, rule one, the journal stands approved. speaker. >> the gentleman from wisconsin. >> speaker, pursuant to clause
2:46 am
one of rule one, i demand a vote on agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal. >> approval of the journal. those in favor say aye. oppose ldz say no. >> no! >> the ayes have it. >> mr. speaker! mr. speaker! mr. speaker! mr. speaker! mr. speaker! on that i demand a division. could the chair tell me how many members were present on which he made the decision? >> the chair is not subject to question. >> it was a scene that played
2:47 am
out more than two years ago but you probably haven't seen it. john murtha, one of the longest-serving members of congress in u.s. history, a man who almost became house majority leader spitting on the graves of our founding fathers. that is how they're going to do it, america. that's how the healthcare bill is being rammed through. >> >> the bill is passed! >> it's how cap and trade will be passed. john murtha has served in congress for 35 years. 19 terms worth of shenanigans just like you saw. it earned him a spot on the list of the most corrupt members of congress according to the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. murtha's not denying that he's corrupt n an interview with the pittsburgh post gazette just this past march, the congressman said "if i'm corrupt, it's because i take care of my district."
2:48 am
oh, and he certainly does. murtha is known as the king of the earmarks in washington. he secured millions in taxpayer dollars for his 12th district over the years. john murtha airport in johnstown, pennsylvania alone has received $200 million of your money over the last 20 years and was just awarded another $800,000 in stimulus money. three planes leave that airport every day. three. the lawmaker has been able to seb cure plenty of taxpayer dollars for his brother kit's consulting firm, for his nephew's company, for his aide and a slew of campaign contributors, but perhaps the dirtiest scandal congressman murtha ever took part in as the abscam scandal of 1980. three decades ago, the undercover f.b.i. operation led to the arrest and convictions of one senator and several congressmen and others. the lawmakers were caught on tape accepting bribes from agents posing as middle eastern businessmen trying to
2:49 am
obtain political favors for a foreign arab chic sheik. jack murtha was the only law maker who avoided prosecution by testifying against the others. he wasn't caught accepting the bribes, but he did consider taking them at a later date. >> the ay he es have it! >> missing the big signs. you will see with a little
2:50 am
help from steve martin, next. %%
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glenn: i don't know what it is going to take to convince people in washington that you are against this bill. there are so many reasons to say wait, wait, slow down but
2:54 am
they're not seeing them down. remember the movie "the man with two brains" with steve martin. watch this? >> is there anything wrong for my feelings for dolores? just give me a sign. >> no, no, no! no! no! no! no! no! no! just any kind of sign. i'll keep on the lookout for it. glenn: that's congress. here is what is flying around our room. we have a $12 trillion deficit, 10.2% unemployment, massive tax hikes, canada he's wait lines an romney care in massachusetts, which is a disaster. our own c.b.o. director, this is congress "fiscal policies
2:55 am
on an unsustainable path." dean of harvard medical school says "this healthcare reform gets a failing grade. the centers for medicaid services says the plan will exacerbate existing access problems so it will make medicare and medicaid word. what about the examples of the dmv or the post office? does anyone think this is going to end well? please, just give me a sign. oh, stop your complaining. oh, and by the way, that could become illegal. no, i'm not kidding, next.@
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>> by the way, saturday at the villages in "in florida, i'm going to announce a plan. i'm done with arguing with this nonsense, but hey, that's saturday in the villages at 3:00, a free rally. now, common sense, there is good news coming out of washington, somebody with big ideas, somebody is thinking. congressman emanuel cleaver has the answer to all of our problems. he is pushing a resolution to designate negotiate wednesday a complaint-free whence wednesday. this is what you're working on, congressmen? i will tell you what, i will make >> deal. ly give you that coom plaint-free day. i'm going to do it. i'm willing to do it, as soon as you give us one day without wasteful spending. fat interns making jobs in districts that

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